Nickname: K.A.
Username: WebGame2k
Birthday: October 6th
Sex: Male
Interests: Video Games, Programming, 2000s, Shitposting
Favortie franchise(s): Sonic the hedgehog and Super Smash Bros.
Grade Level: 9th
Timezone: EDT

What is this website?
What do i post?
things i made, mainly low effort things
Is that it, nothing else?
kill yourself

Site stats
Online since: Feburary 20th / April 2021 ()
Status: my sanity (1/18/2023)
Disk storage: 84mb / 199mb (1/18/2023)
Webserver: Fly
PHP version: 7.0.33

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This website was made on and for Chrome 90+ and a Laptop

Ever since 2023, development of this site shifted to my laptop.